Tired of having your flag wrap and tangle around the pole? Flag Free has the solution to untangle your flag. Our unique design keeps your flag flying free! No need to buy a new flag or pole.

After being frustrated for many years having our flag twist up and wrap around the pole, we wanted to figure a way to prevent this from happening. My father-in-law, an 80 year old retired aerospace engineer and I finally came up with this solution. Now our flag and the flags of many of our friends proudly wave no matter what the wind conditions.

Flag Free has a kit to add to your existing wall mount 3' x 5' flag. The kit prevents your flag from wrapping around the pole. The flag free kit will keep your flag untangled.

This easy to assemble kit keeps your flag flying free. The stars and stripes will proudly show. Works with most existing wall mounted 3’x5’ flags with standard 3/4” diameter flag pole. Some assembly required.

Our Flag Untangler can be used over and over even if you need to replace the flag. See FAQ’s for specific instructions.

If you’re not satisfied, just return the kit and we’ll refund your purchase price excluding shipping and handling.

Cost: $12.95 for each kit OR if purchasing 12 kits $120.00 ($10 each)

Shipping and handling cost: 1-9 items $3.50 plus $1.00 per item 10+ items $8.50 plus $1.00 per item

Tax: 8.00% sales tax is charged to California residents.